Mark Wolfe – In the beginning, music  for the Woof was wine, women,  and song.  The years and notes have come and gone. Woof has survived himself to become an older and wiser Woof.  Eating right, with exercise, much practice, and proper rest have enabled the animal to flourish and keep moving on.  But mainly the big change has Woof switching from Wine to Beer and Ale and Stout while cultivating a serious  Ibanez  guitar obsession.  ( Hey….. everybody gotta be somethin’ yo )


Ibanez: S540/modified with DiMarzio&GK3    Line 6 Pod Pro             Egnater Tourmaster 4x12A

AS-73/Mod w/Dimarzio Fred/PAF                        Roland GR55                Eleven Rack

Montage, Ibanez 12string acoustic                         Mesa Boogie  50/50     n’ stuff……………..

and many more asian beauties                                Mogami cables